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Relative Strength Backtest
  Michael Cheo
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Fundamentals Backtest
  Christopher Ng
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Moving Average Backtest
  Khai Chien Gooi
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  Sng Li Yang
Hi Ivann, I started to go live for some of my strategies and realised that...
2 weeks, 3 days ago · 2 Replies
  Calamity Jeff
Hello, Greatefull for your website : i just purchase an inscription. Could...
2 weeks, 4 days ago · 2 Replies
  Udi Menkes
when will the universe be open to more than 200 stocks? It's a critical...
2 months, 4 weeks ago · 1 Replies

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Ko Yang Zhi

iFAST Global Markets Team Director Investment Advisory

A simple and powerful platform for investors to customize, backtest and go live with their own investment strategies. PyInvesting empowers investors to make data driven decisions.
James Fok

PhillipCapital Senior Trading Representative

As a stock broker, I find PyInvesting useful for backtesting my investment strategies and evaluating their performance. This allows me to confirm whether a strategy is profitable so I can make portfolio recommendations to my clients.
Janet Chan

Singapore Poly Business School Senior Lecturer

When it comes to financial planning, I teach my students the importance of investing regularly to achieve their financial goals. PyInvesting allows them to practice what they have learnt and turn market data into live investment strategies.
Jason Ong


A site like PyInvesting could help most retail investors already jumpstart their foray into quantitative finance by heavy lifting most of the technical or coding parts which you would need to do yourself otherwise.
Christopher Ng

Dr Wealth Early Retirement Masterclass

I do not have Doctor Strange’s ability to travel to the future, but I do have access to the next best option, a backtesting tool. To run this test, I’m using Pyinvesting.com.
Khai Chien Gooi

Investment Manager at Primevest Management

Great and easy to use backtesting web page, for both beginners and professionals to explore their strategies and portfolio ideas. Based on personal experience, my live strategies are working as expected thus far. Strongly recommend!
Gavin Tan

sgstockmarketinvestor .com

For investors who are more focused on the number crunching, quantitative part of investing, PyInvesting is here to help make your life easier.

F5 Networks Solution Consultant

To make a winning trade can be as simple as flipping a coin. But to consistently making big profit in the market, you must exchange random strategy with proven backtested strategies. Pyinvesting.com has turned the art into science.
Yifang Xie

Software Engineer at Accenture

PyInvesting is a powerful tool that helps investors backtest and go live with their investment ideas without writing a single line of code. Check it out today!