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We provide a database of sample strategies where you can backtest strategy online. A quantitative investment strategy is used in portfolio management where the objective is generate excess returns and alpha for the investor. Software developers and quants use a logical set of rules to filter and rank stocks. Stocks with the best ranking are selected by the model to be included in the portfolio. The benefits of using a quant investment strategy is that the computer makes the decision to buy or sell a stock. This removes emotions from the picture and allows the investor to make rational, data driven investment decisions.

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Strategy Rebalance Markets Returns Volatility Tag
Asset Class Trend Following Weekly Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Forex, REIT 9.1% 11.0% Trend Following
60 - 40 Stock Bond Mix Monthly Equities, Fixed Income 9.1% 10.5% Asset Allocation
200 Day Moving Average in Stocks Weekly Equities 15.5% 18.0% Trend Following
200MA for Stocks Risk Managed Weekly Equities 13.7% 13.5% Trend Following
Ray Dalio All Weather Proxy Monthly Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities 6.8% 7.3% Asset Allocation
Sector Rotation Monthly Equities 9.8% 18.6% Trend Following