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Why I built PyInvesting

Hi there! My name is Ivan and I'm the founder of I'm passionate about technology and finance and I've worked as a software developer at a hedge fund where I was responsible for building the fund's trading system.

I initially built PyInvesting to manage my personal portfolio using a data driven approach to investing. It was an app which simply downloads financial data and runs a backtest using my investment strategy. The app then sends me an email with my portfolio's current positions and the orders that I need to trade on my personal account. After a few months, I decided to open this platform to the community to help investors create their own quantitative investment strategies.

There are 4 main sections of the website. The screening tool, which is used to filter stocks based on a certain criteria such as selecting the top 100 stocks with the highest market cap to form your investment universe. The backtester, which allows you to simulate your quantitative investment strategy over the last 14 years using stocks that have passed your screen. The backtest results where PyInvesting analyzes the performance of your strategy. Finally, the live section, where users are able to go live with their strategy and receive a daily email update with live orders from their strategy which they can trade on their personal account.

I hope that PyInvesting will allow you adopt a data driven approach to investing and support you in your journey towards financial freedom.