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The World Beyond Investing
This article is contributed by Chengkok from Wealthdojo Face it, finance without investing would be boring. The ups and downs, the highs and lows that keep you hanging at the edge of your seat. In your journey through investing, you probably would have met fellow investors, gurus or even con-artist. Some of you who are here might be new, some of you might have invested for years. One question which I like to present to every one of you is this. What is the bigger picture? Sure. The objective of investing is to make money. However, looking at finance just concentrating on investing is like trying to defeat a high-level boss monster with a magician that only has high MP (Magic Points) and low HP (Health Points). Hi, I’m Chengkok from Wealthdojo. In my journey in financial planning, I have met people who are overly focused on their investing that they missed out the bigger picture. Like them, I have missed out on the bigger picture before and hope that many of you will not have to go through my mistake. To make it easier for you, I have summarized the big picture through the 6 Levels Wealth Karate Strategy. We will only be talking about 3 Levels today. #1 Abundant Surplus Creator Some of the investors I met live simply ridiculous lifestyles. I love their optimism but it would take less than a few years before they burn through everything they are building. Because of their optimism in the market, some of them whom I met are spending through their future income. What it means is that these are people with excessive debts on their spending. The fastest way to fail is to live a lavish lifestyle before you can even afford it. This might sound very basic and I thought it was uncommon until I met many graduates who were living from paycheck to paycheck. In my other blog post, I wrote about my experience with a lady who spend $800+ on a pair of slippers but she stopped wearing it because she’s afraid the slippers will be exposed to the rain. (insert link) Simply ridiculous. #2 Aegis Of War A strong investment portfolio is a strong offense in their finance portfolio. Just like a mage with low HP with high MP, they may be a paper hero who can be defeated in one hit. Some investors I have met have zero or outdated defense in their finance portfolio. Medical and insurance cost has risen over the years. Someone who had their defense planned 3 to 5 years ago might not have enough protection to tide over their crisis at that time. With the new changes in the IP riders, co-payment has become a new norm. That is just the start. With the sedentary lifestyle that we are living nowadays, it is also no secret that the rates of critical illness have been raising over the years. The next personal war that we will be fighting will be medical one. The medical war will be one that is going to cost significantly. This is one financial hedge that we cannot ignore. #3 The Superfund Income You guys are at the right place. I met many who do not have a gameplan in their investment journey. If you invest with a well thought out investment gameplan, this usually produce a much better result as you will be calmer and more composed as compared to those who are speculating the market. Here at PyInvesting, they specialize in using backtesting as their gameplan in their investing journey. Using a backtest is one way to find profitable strategies. I strongly encourage you guys to consider if this backtest method is suitable for you. Final Thoughts From Wealthdojo The world beyond investing is creating an all-rounder finance portfolio that can take care of you in every aspect. Some of which are habits you can adopt, some of them are mindsets and many others your decision to start today. Hope that I can be part of your journey as well. Wishing you all the best in your finance journey. To keep in touch, join my Telegram Channel for a tip a day! In Wealthdojo, we dedicate a small amount of time daily for learning new things. Continuous learning is one of the greatest secrets of success.
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